Things Can Only Get Better – Tunes Tuesday 5/16/17

When someone asks who’s your favorite singer, I say, “Howard Jones.” The younger generation replies, “Who?” (Darn kids ya!) People my age say, “Cool!” I sang along to his catchy melodies all through high school and beyond. My kids are familiar with his music, thanks to me. I attended two of his concerts, and you can count the concerts I’ve ever been to on two hands! My all-time favorite song is “Things Can Only Get Better.” I just thought it was a fun tune, I liked to sing along with. (Ahh, the memories!) 

Now post-stroke it is my theme song. “A thousand skeptic hands won’t keep us from the things we’ve planned…” I really appreciate the upbeat positive attitude this song offers. I find reassurance in it’s words and melody. “It may take a little time, a lonely path an uphill climb. Success or failure will not alter it… And do you feel scared? (I do!)… Things WILL only get better!”

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