Hope – Feelings Friday 5/19/17

When you say the word hope, you’ve got to add faith. (They are synonymous.) Hope entails that you have a positive attitude. One must wish positively for what they truly desire. That’s one of the joys in life. But as you look forward to something, you must enjoy the journey.

Like the seed that is planted, we hope for success. I have many hopes. I hope for the day when I walk. I hope I continue to heal. I hope my family is healthy and happy. I hope we can get enough money enabling us to do our remodel right. I hope the day is soon that I can return home. 

We all have hopes. They define us. It is true, what we think of most reveals our true nature. I hope, therefore I work towards my aspirations. Some hopes might be out of my hands, but I will do everything I can. A seed won’t grow unless you water and tend it. I also hope all who are reading this will have your dreams fulfilled! (Keep working towards them.)

Watch this video, it says it better than I do!

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