Eye-Rolling – Saying Saturday 5/20/17

There’s a certain guesture that says a lot more than a thousand words. A well timed eye-roll can put your emotions into words without actually speaking. It can convey disbelief, disapproval, impatience, or feelings of absurdancy. We’ve all done it. It’s what you do when there’s nothing left to say. When you’ve “had it up to here.” (As I motion above my head.) 

When I first had the stroke I was “locked in.” Meaning I was conscious, but could not move. Many wondered if I was in a vegetative state, but Darin saw my eyes roll and knew I was “home” inside. I soon began regaining movement on my left side. (Which all the doctors said would be impossible. But I’m all about beating odds!) Then I spent the next four months with a trach, and I couldn’t talk. Trying to get my point across involved many eye-rolls. In fact, I did it so often I probably saw my brain! (I’m a pro. If there’s some Eye-Rolling Championship out there, I would be a contender!)

As a mother, we get so exasperated we’ve had numerous eye-rolls throughout our maternal lives. They are key to a mother’s ophthalmic repertoire as is the stern you-better-obey glare. (Children are such a ‘blessing!’) Now that I can speak, I still incorporate many well-timed rolling of the eyes to accentuate my needs and feelings. Never underestimate the value of a quality purposeful eye-roll. “Come on and just, roll with it baby…”

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