Twister – Movie Monday 5/22/17

This movie is 20 years old this month! It has always been a favorite of mine and the older kids. (Maybe because I made them watch it with me!) I guess it’s just my pension for disaster movies. AMC was stuck on it this week, and showed it many times. After I watched it (or part of it) three or four times, I started striking similarities to my life.

We always thought the idea of flying cows was funny. (Kind of sick humor, but humorous nonetheless!) I guess when you work with cows daily it is amazing to see them in that light! (It was the comic relief, I’m sure no cows were injured in the filming of this movie.)

This group of stormchasers possessed a goal. A crazy goal for certain, but that is judged by the judge. They wanted to send Dorothy, and it’s little probes, up in a tornado to study how it functions. It’s good to have goals. They keep you centered in your life. They enable you to work towards something. Goals give you direction and purpose. I’ve got big goals right now. I just want to get back home. (Pass go, collect 200 dollars!) I want to walk again, too. I’m sure my normal will not be normal now, but I’m working to get as close as I can! If you don’t have a goal, sit down immediately and write one down. It can’t be something that will automatically happen. You’ve got to choose something you must work to achieve. (Believe you can achieve!)

There is a shared feeling, between the movie and many of us, that bad things only happen to yourself. Whether it is a tornado or stroke or car problem, we all feel picked on by fate at times. We look through our little looking glass, and assume that our circumstance is the worst ever. (Poor pitiful me!) But take a panoramic look at the world around you. As you enter your warm protective home, or call a friend on your hand-held computing device, or peer into into your over-flowing closet, remember how blessed you are. (First world problems.) I know, personally, with all my current setbacks, I could have it worse! I am convinced ‘worse’ is in the eye of the beholder. Step outside yourself, shake off the pride and selfishness, and become aware of others.

We have people in our lives to lean on. I have learned, through my trials, we all have been blessed with a circle of family and friends that buoy us up when we’re down.

To me, the stroke was disastrous as a twister. We all have our disasters. They leave our world in shambles. What we do with that disaster is what changes it from a devastation to an opportunity for growth. (Like turning lemons into lemonade!)

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