The Monotony Funk – Feelings Friday 5/26/17

Times present themselves when the same-old monotonous days of your life become extremely tedious. You’re looped in a continuous funk. Drearily you think, “I can’t take much more of this.” Wondering to yourself, “How will I survive?” Each humdrum day runs into the next. I am neck-deep into that feeling right now. 

Here at Sunshine Terrace Rest Home, they excel at keeping to a schedule. Meals at the same time, meds at the same time, everything at the same time! They do offer activities, but the framework is pretty simple, catering to the predominant population. I am so past that. Last time I attended, I ended up babysitting one of the residents. (Glad I could help!) My day is filled with TV, iPad, therapy, eating, and showering. Rinse and repeat. (Pun intended.) Darin does give me a jailbreak occasionally. We get in the car and purchase a Woot Woot or Dracula (my favorite drinks,) and wander for a drive, or do needed grocery shopping with those driving carts. (Not the greatest, but it’s got to be done.) I am getting out! (So that’s good.) 

But… the next morning it starts all over again. Do you ever feel this way? I know you do. It feels like an insane copy machine gone wild. (Or like you are in Groundhog Day, the movie.)

The question is: What is the solution? Well, a vacation is the obvious choice. But only a ‘lucky few’ can actually get away. If you’re one of the ‘lucky few,’ good-on-ya! (An Australia congratulation.)

The next answer would be celebrating with an upcoming party, holiday, or special event. (Birthday, Christmas, or celebrated occasion.) Exciting days that you can look towards, create a life less boring. 

But there is one more conclusion. Do something nice for someone else! It could be big or small. Look outside yourself. Serving can get your endorphins pumping (because it feels so good,) thus your emotional state improves. Making someone elses day better, makes your own day better. Thus, it breaks the monotony and lets you survive another day. You aren’t expected to make a big production. Shopping is my therapy. (Yay, Amazon Prime!) But shopping for others needs can be even more fun. (If you can afford it!) Although, kindness doesn’t have to cost a dime. Make it a goal to compliment a complete stranger daily. (Easy peasy and such a warm fuzzy!) 

Just do something nice today! (I guarantee it’s a boredom buster.)

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