Electrodes – 5/31/17

Remember that movie scene(s), there were a few, when the mad scientist hooks electrodes to the lucky recipient (or parts of recipient,) flips the switch, and yells, ‘It’s alive!” Well today the recipient was trying to come to life. (Part of me anyway.)

As you have probably guessed, that lucky recipient was yours truly. They hooked up electrodes to my right leg above the knee, and turned knob. (It wasn’t especially painful.) It felt like someone was giving me a really hard noogie! (Not what I’d describe as comfortable.) I was supposed to kick when I felt it shock my knee. The zap into the muscle coupled my use of the the muscle is meant to stimulate the muscle to fire more. What it did was make me tired. I stood up, with help, after that, and my legs were toast. I guess electrocution will do that to you! Like Frankstein, “It’s only sleeping, waiting for new life…”

2 responses to “Electrodes – 5/31/17”

  1. It all sounds very cool and a little frightening.
    I hope it works! As always you’re in our prayers along with those who are torturing (helping) you.

    Love You!


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