Comedy in Life – 6/2/17

Sometimes in life, you just gotta laugh. If you don’t, all that’s left is crying. (Don’t you agree?) When your day throws you a curve ball, have a hilarious ball! Look on the bright side, and seek for the laugh. 

It might seem a bit juvenile, but look for a connection in the conversation to a movie, song, rhyme or even a joke. Whether you voice it or not (that’s your decision,) allow it to make you laugh. I am a natural smart alec, so I always tend to make the goofy comment. I am not afraid to crack the joke, even if I am the butt of that joke. (But spare other’s feelings. Making someone feel bad isn’t funny.) That has earned me the reputation around here as the ‘funny one.’ I don’t hesitate to make a humorous remark, no matter how incredibly stupid it might sound. (Puns are pretty phunny, too!)

As long as we keep it clean, (cuz really, dirty humor is the sign of a lazy and weak mind!) I’m all for it. I could be ‘Miss Doom & Gloom’ all the time, but I don’t want to exist full of sadness and self-pity. How boring would it be if we were serious on a constant basis? (Don’t get me wrong.) There are times to be serious. You need to know when to show respect and reverence. But what I am saying is, humor makes an interesting life at the right time, in the right place.

I’m sure a good belly laugh has some sort of healing power. Not only for your core, but psychologically as well. (So yuck it up.) And “turn that frown upside down!”

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