Money Won’t Buy Happiness – 6/3/17

Whoever said “Money Won’t Buy Happiness” must’ve been rich. The one who said that never had a mountain of bills and un-ending monetary stress. I get the concept, but I would certainly like to give it a go and decide for myself. (Please?) And like my sister who buys a lottery ticket every so often, I would love to share the wealth. I imagine being a philanthropist leaves an awesome feeling. Helping people just for kicks, sign me up. They should pass a law that if you have more than one million dollars, you have to give it away in $500,000 increments. I could be comfortable on that with a little to spare for another. I need just enough to get debt free. I don’t want anything fancy. (Call your local congressman!) Just kidding, I know we’re not communist here in the US. Democracy is the way to go, I just wish those billionaires would share. (With me!)

Celeste Vaughn is a Christian blogger who has endured addiction problems. She has a great outlook on life and wonderful vision. I love her writing style, too.

I am aware our first world problems cannot compare to what people in other places and cultures have, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our bodies, but still we whine. We need to find happiness where we are and despite how much or little we have. Those things we can’t put a price tag on, are the best things in life. Our family, our friends, our pet, our testimony and faith, the thing that’s truly important is what we cherish most. It’s different for everyone. Time is also a commodity we can’t buy.

Despite the guilt trip (I put myself on,) it can’t hurt to wish. As long as that wish doesn’t take over your every thought. (And like many of you,) I’d enjoy possessing a little money to spare and share. My intent is good works, and isn’t that all that matters? “Luck, and a little pixie dust…” Think good thoughts!

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