Gethsemane – 6/6/17

Gethsemane took on a new meaning to me after the stroke. I began to truly see just a bit of the agony Christ endured that night as he prayed alone in proxy for us and agonized in that garden. Imagine one person’s pain, suffering, and sins a trillion times over! (Actually I can’t imagine.) He is my trusted friend who truly understands, because He’s been through it all.

For Easter, I gave my children this picture of a stained glass window in the Paris, France temple on a small canvas. On the back, I typed my testimony of Gethsemane and of my faith. I hope it is cherished. (It holds a special meaning to me.)

Claire Ryan has the sweetest little voice. Whoever coaches her, has taught the art of infusing feeling into the songs. The first time I heard this song was the primary children singing it in sacrament meeting, and I cried like a baby. It’s really a touching song. You can feel the love He has for us!

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