Our Wedding 29 Years Ago – 6/8/17

29 Years? Wow, has it been that long since June 7, 1988? I remember it like it was yesterday. The utter anticipation was unbearable. I was getting married to my best friend. We had known each other (and saw each other everyday) for almost an entire year. (11 months!) He picked me up for the temple marriage, that morning, and said, “You can get out of it right now… you wanna run?” No, I was ready to be with him, as a married couple, like, forever!

Our wedding was picture perfect, although we decided against having a professional photographer. It wasn’t like today, with multiple shoots, including still and video. We had various family and friends take them, and we had to wait weeks to ever see what we got! (Oh the 80’s!) And a Facebook event? There was no Facebook. We had to gather the addresses the old fashioned way, phonebook.

I created our invitation in calligraphy, then we had them printed. (Like on a press!) I also addressed them all in calligraphy. (Yes, all of them!) Back then, we didn’t compile a database and have them printed. We glued the picture in with a glue stick. Everything was pretty basic.

My aunt, Candy, rented wedding dresses, so she kindly let me borrow one. Our colors were peach and teal. (Doesn’t that scream 80’s?) I thought they were great. The bridesmaids and flower girls had shiny taffeta puffy armed dresses. We put teal suspenders on the nephews. The moms wore matching print teal dresses. All in the height of fashion. My flowers were silk peach and white roses with fern.

Our reception was at USU in the Walnut Room, because my dad was the food service manger. (So no worries about food!) It was a dark venue, which was not conducive to pictures. They were mostly dark. Poor Darin had tuxedo stress. He used a company that went out of business right before the wedding! So Darin had to run to another place very last minute. They got him a snazzy white tux, but they only had white shoes a size too small! He spent all evening in agony. He stood in the line while smashing the back of the heels. I can’t remember all the refreshments, but I do recall the chocolate covered strawberries. They were the ultimate in fancy! No dancing, cuz it wasn’t the thing. I regret that. We did have an ice sculpture that my dad made. That was cool. (Pun intended.)

Even though, I would do a lot differently, I am glad I married my best friend. (Next year is the big 3 0!) Our goal is a cruise next year. (No rest for the weary.)


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