Housework – 6/21/17

You might say, “Yep, she’s lost it.” But I would love to do all the housework right now. When I go home, it takes all I have not to get on the floor and clean. (I seriously have asked Darin to put me in my former front flower patch, I just want to pull those weeds so bad!) As I recovering perfectionist, I am inherently drawn to want things straight and clean and orderly. I have even been tempted to jump out of bed here where I’m staying, but then common sense kicks in and my brain tells me, “Ahhh you better not, that could end badly.” 

Today in Occupational Therapy, he put me to work. I stood at the sink, and washed some dishes. Memories of work gone by flooded my mind. It felt so good to do something I’ve done (and disliked) for so many years! Then I folded towels and used my right paralyzed hand to hold them still. To be useful is really fulfilling, I’ve been a drain on society for too long. (I’m glad I can still be good for something!) Be thankful you can do your housework. (You never thought you’d hear that!)

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