No More Mondays – 6/26/17

I have decided to stop writing for Monday. It has become too stressful. Here’s the reason: My husband takes me home in the afternoon on Saturday. Then I enjoy the evening with my family. Sometimes we have a campfire or experience a movie night together. (It’s our time.) Then I sleep at my house. (Usually on the recliner. Darin brought our bed downstairs, but it’s too flat!) We are starting to remodel soon. (Permits, aghhhhh!) So we will have a main floor bedroom and large bathroom, and I can return home permanently, hopefully in the fall. (Yay!) 

Sunday, we begrudgingly get up (a slow process,) attend church, and then relax the day away. (That’s what Sundays are for?) I return to the rehab home quite late Sunday night, and I’m exhausted from all that ‘relaxing.’ (We have a busy household! Everyone is catching me up.) 

My husband is a saint. He helps me (including other reluctant children) do everything. That includes changing, dressing, transferring, obtaining food, pill administering, everything. He says he’s happy to do it, but I know his body language all too well. It’s not always fine on his chronic bad back. Now and then the patience level is low. (It’s called caregiver burnout.) I feel guilty for that. Although, I have learned to pick my battles. (Ya know, when to shut up, and what to let slide, which is difficult for this perfectionist.) 

Here we go again! The start of a new week!

Anyway, long story short, skipping my Monday blog would give me more quality time with my family. And “that’s what it’s all about!” Thanks for your support!

2 responses to “No More Mondays – 6/26/17”

  1. I think there are a lot of Saints at your house, Kim–you, Darin, your children and the Saints who come to visit in the form of your parents and others. All of you present an example for me of carrying on with strength and good cheer in the face of considerable hard things.


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