Mud Run – 7/6/17

I remember back to an incredibly dirty time in my life. My work friends and I participated in a Mud Run! I had just lost a ton of weight, and I was feeling adventurous. So of course, I dragged my husband along for the craziness.

We started planning early. I designed the t-shirt which said, “Never fear… the accountants are here!” It drew an altered super man logo with our company initials on it. (Pretty proud of that one!) We planned a whole presentation. We got dollar store glasses, and popped the lenses out. Then we dressed in thrift store shirts and ties.

We then stripped off the shirts, like Superman does when he’s running to help.

To reveal our awesome shirts, ready to run this filthy obstacle course.

We had a great time running, climbing, splashing. I don’t even want to think of the muddy pools of disgusting germs we were crawling through!

But we had a hilariously dirty time, and it was a fundraiser for a good cause! We gave our shoes to an African shoe drive, too!

That is me with my hand straight up in the air!

After, we hosed off all the muck and straw to get in our cars. What other time do grown adults get this dirty on purpose? (Good times!)

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