Having a stroke is like draining all the energy from all your batteries. (A sort of wake up call.) I pretty much slept for about 6 months. Well, it was about that long until I felt completely alert. (It’s crazy when you feel like having a nap in the middle of a conversation!)

I remember a time before when I was working so hard at my full-time job, then coming home to another full-time job just to keep the household running. Sunday naps were mandatory in my life, since I needed a recharge by the end of the week. (Or more!) We will all work ourselves into an early grave, at least it felt that way!

Seriously, we live in a world where we work and live tirelessly.

I enjoyed my recent July Fourth holidays so much, I came away with a pretty bad cold. I guess in my condition, it’s harder to kick. I still feel it in my chest, and harbor this annoying cough a week later. (Don’t make me laugh, I’ll end up coughing!) The therapist noticed my evident wheezing as I exercised yesterday. He consequently let me off easy, so I could further recuperate and not go downhill in my progression. (I appreciate that!)

My conclusion is, get enough sleep so your body is ready to function in the morning! Don’t work yourself to death. Take a well deserved break every now and then. Learn to nicely say, “No.” (I’m talking to myself.) I was the worst. Don’t be such a control freak that you can’t let someone else get the opportunity to carry out that project. (And get the glory.) Delegate. Your body acts as a great alarm, it will inform of when enough’s enough. Take time for your mental health! (You deserve it!)

Sincerely, a (temporarily) forced retiree.

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