Liberty is the privilege to do whatever makes you happy within your own timing and freedom of choice.

Lately, my liberty has been relinquished. My power wheelchair malfunctioned last Wednesday, and the repairman came, looked at it, and said, “It needs a new motor, two weeks.” (Whaaa?) Why don’t you just punch me in the gut? That little occurrance took away my freedom, my legs, my ability to go where I wanted. I was totally grounded. (And I didn’t even deserve it!) I was literally trapped inside these four walls. I have a deeper appreciation for those people who are in a normal wheelchair and must depend on others for mobility. Someone pushed me to therapy, then someone pushed me back to my prison. You know, prisons don’t always consist of jail cells and bars. I absolutely hated it!

I wanted to go to the sidewalk sale this weekend, but my attitude ridden teenage daughter didn’t want to push me there. No amount of bribery would work. I ultimately gave up.

I had no outside lounging soaking up vitamin D. (You know how much I like that.) I could do nothing. Add other disappointments, and it’s sum equals a really horrible week.

I can sincerely understand why people go to war for their God-given liberties. (It’s a far reach, but I’m going there.) Freedom and independence are the reasons people fight against tyranny and oppression. Being decision limited makes one truly unhappy. When your freedoms are taken away (or limited) you just want to go kicking and screaming (or shooting, whatever it takes. I think we should have a dance-off!) for your way of life. I get it. I have a new respect for our armed force Veterans throughout the many, many years. The Stars and Stripes (or whatever flag you salute) is a waving symbol of that ultimate sacrifice by so many.

Luckily, some wonderful people have worked hard to get me a loaner. I finally have my freedom back. I immensely dislike depending on others and mechanical things for my independence, but that’s a fact of my current life right now. My liberty is restored after a long week and much relentless complaining. The squeaky wheel eventually gets the grease. (That happens in life and war!) Thank God for all your big and small liberties.

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