​Our house remodel has finally started! The hoop jumping we had to perform to obtain the necessary signatures was exhaustive. (But it’s all legal now.) I actually see a light at the end of our addition tunnel. We no longer have just a hole in our yard! It’s real. (Thank you so much, Bart Bodily and Geneva Rock!)

Foundation is an important part of any life. We need to be built upon a solid base. Without it, we could easily be swept away with the slightest wind or storm. I am speaking metaphorically. Take a deep inner look inside yourself. What is your foundation? Is it physical or spiritual? Your foundation could be one of many things.

My foundation is rooted in Christ. I know I can always depend on His solid stabilizing support in my life. His teachings and His love hold me up when the gusts and whirlwinds attempt to knock me over. (And they’ve tried!) I have previously decided where to lean when life tries to push me over. So when it tries, I’m ready for it. “Solid, solid as a rock.”

This happened the day after!

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