Fire & Clensing

My heart aches for those suffering from the fires across the North and the Northwest sections of America currently. There are gut-wrenching losses, total damage, and completely ruined landscapes. It’s seriously disheartening to see the cherished structures, beautiful mountains (and animal residents) scarred by this unrelenting scourge.

I know this kind of heartbreak. All you once possessed is ruined. (Well, much of it.) 

This massive destruction isn’t done to us. It is done for us.

The concept is so incredibly difficult to fathom, especially when you’re in the thick of it. But I truly believe we are in the latter days, and we are special. (Each one of us!) We met with Jesus and our Heavenly Father before our birth. They asked, ” Will you go through this trial to be cleansed and infinitely grow? We know you are a brave and powerful child. This hardship will deeply impact and teach those around you. You can be an example of surviving and willfull determination. You can be a force for positive and good.” I know we took some time (it was a massively strenuous and difficult decision,) but we had the Holy Ghost to guide us. His ‘burning in the breast’ technique helped us know it would be laborious, but our lives would ultimately emerge successful. He whispered in our ears, “It will be an arduous task, but it’s the only way to expand your spirit in this life.” Deep down, I know this is true, and I know I’m not the only one.

Hard times cleanse the overgrown forests of our inner souls. We learn lessons that cannot be taught by any other method. (Tough love.) If we look at them with positive eyes, much can be gained. We must remember we always have silver linings. There’s always a bright side, even if it’s difficult to see now. Many people on earth (and beyond) are in our cheering section. We are not alone. 

There will be a time when this trial will be in our distant past. What was once a burned up hill of black stumps, will regrow. The ashes of the past will act as fertilizer for the soil. (And soul.) These green saplings will start small, but they will flourish over time. They will be heathy and thrive, making the forest abundant. “Time heals all wounds.” But aside from waiting for our internal forests to regenerate, we must work and have faith to allow it to heal properly.

There is a reason for everything. 

When we understand and accept it, is up to us. “Be still and know.”

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