Guess what? I graduated! My Occupational Therapist informed me I graduated from his assistive technology program! (An OT works with arm rehabilitation and teaching ways to be independent, even with physical problems, like washing dishes, folding laundry and dressing.) He will continue to work on my arm and hand to keep them flexible. He offered me a diploma, but I declined. Jordan also offered me a job. (Haha.) Every time he shared a adaptive concept, I had already thought of multiple ideas to be more productive before we discussed them. (Many assistive tools are sitting in my Amazon cart to order when I go home.) He did start some new lines of thinking for me though. 

Another part of the work was the cognitive aspect. (He found out quickly that all of his tests were no match for me.) It is a tender mercy that the stroke had no effect on my knowledge and memories! (My education from school and life wasn’t a waste.)

I’m not sure this can be included on a job resume, but I’m quite proud of this achievement! (Yay me!) 

Cherish the small achievements in your life, even if it is just getting out of bed or not killing your kids today! It’s advantageous to count even your smallest successes. Try writing down one achievement you accomplished each day. That small exercise will help you keep moving and avoid daily discouragement. (This is coming from the Queen of Slow!)

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