They warned me it would happen. When you are improving, getting closer to your goals, and showing great strides, there comes a time when you just get stuck. (I know, thanks.) No matter how hard you work, you feel like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere!

I am there. I am on the plateau. I haven’t really progressed lately. I need a ‘new trick.’ That’s what I’m experiencing. Up until now, when I greeted people I had a ‘new trick’ to show them. Now I’m stranded out there on a tall monolithic mountain with nowhere to go.

It’s not as exciting, that’s for sure! I understand the need for resignation (that means enduring with a driven purpose,) especially at this juncture in my rehabilitation. Endurance is the keyword in anything we are working towards. Don’t quit. We really might be advancing, but we just can’t see it. Just keep swinging. I gotta say to all of you sitting on the plateau, “Hang in there.” (But I’m really speaking to myself!)

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