Thankful for my Life

I turned the big 4-9 the other day. I don’t feel that old! It’s my last year in the forties! With a birthday, an expecting daughter (any day now, she hopes!) and a mother-in-law teetering on the edge of this world (She will be missed, it’s so unbelievably sad!) I have been thinking a lot about this fragile thing called life. We are given such a short time on this earth to prove ourselves and enjoy the amazing beauty. To God, it’s just a moment, and yet I’m sure He is acutely aware of our every movement. He really does have the greatest concern for us and our unending happiness. We might be dragged through the refiner’s fire, to make us better, but contemplate the circumstances around your great and small trials. He always displays His love by sprinkling tender mercies on your hardship. Little bits of love are in there somewhere. 

I survived the unthinkable, but I can perceive the undeniable blessings and love I have been bestowed. 

How can I not be grateful? (I would have to be incredibly oblivious!) 

Many times our blessings are given through mortal angels (so many!) and sometimes the abundant blessings are heaven sent. When times are good we must take on the angel role, and sometimes we must be the receiver. (For someone to give, there must be a receiver.) We must really work hard to see our silver linings. (That’s the assignment this Thanksgiving.) We might think we are experiencing the worst trial ever, but the blessings are there. It is easy to observe them in hindsight. The challenge is to clearly see the blessings while we’re in the thick of them. (Don’t we wish it wasn’t so thick?)

I am personally truly grateful for my mortal angels and to my Heavely Father! (I am overflowing with gratitude!)

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