I Can’t Be That Old?

It’s the truth. I turned fifty today! Where did all that time go? I feel thirty. Mr. Clock just keeps on ticking. I recollect all the good times and bad times. I wish I could’ve fast forwarded through the bad times, but I guess that how I attained my experience. All my “times” contributed to make the me who I am today.

I also played a little retrospective of my life (in bed this morning,) and I understand now, 

It’s all about friends.

From my first friends (my parents, siblings, extended family,) to my school friends, my church friends, my neighbor friends, my friend through my jobs, my in-law friends, and most recently my health care friends. My very best friends, my husband and kids, have stuck with me through it all. I can’t imagine the loyalty it has required! My wish is that I somehow could’ve stayed in touch with more of those friends, but hey, life leads us all in different directions.

I also have regrets. (Don’t we all?) Words left unsaid, projects not finished, time wasted. But, I can’t cry over spilt milk. What’s done is done. All I can do is live my life fully so I won’t have any further regrets. I undoubtedly received a second chance. (I guess I need to have a pivotal Christmas Carol end scene. With all the yelling, hugging, and running. Maybe not the running.) I have enjoyed some wonderful times in my life. I cannot even begin to list them, I’ve experienced so many happy times. I’m thankful for that. I have more to come.

A few weeks ago, we made the arduous trek to Disneyland. My group decided to celebrate my “birthday” at Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel. I wore a tiara, and everyone including six Disney characters sang Happy Birthday to me. It was incredibly fun, and I felt so special. I told Mickey I was forty years younger than him. He just answered in sign language like all the characters do.

To sum it up: I have a lot of life left. I have stuck around to see my grandkids. I can’t look back, only forward. God gave me a second chance. I better do all I can with it. You don’t need some life changing event to 

Live your life to the fullest

Use my experience. (I’ll share.)

I’m old. Not the end.

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