I prayed and prayed for a miracle this Christmas. It’s been a long while since I had a new trick. Not some grand, Hallmark-type, earth shattering miracle, just a little movement or change. (Anything.) 

Christmas came. Memories were lovingly created. Carols festively sung. Family happily gathered. Wrapping paper carelessly torn and bagged. Yummy treats voraciously ingested, (and multiple pounds added.) Joyous times were had by all. No miracle. At least, not the one I hoped for. 

But, my faith is not lost.

I know, for a fact, that we can earnestly hope, pray, wish, and yearn, but the answer might still be “no.” Our mission (if we choose to accept it, just kidding, we have no choice) is to take the hand we are dealt, and make it a winner. The way to be happy with our circumstances is to positively accept where we are placed and bloom where we are planted. I am not saying we should mindlessly settle for what we’ve got, but with a perfect brightness of hope, work and strive to make things better. The big things we must learn to accept in our lives is the here and now. (It is what it is. Right?) In that acceptance, know that the difficult situation we are enduring is for our good, even if it appears to be very bad at the time. Our ultimate test is not derived from our successes, but from our set-backs and the way we react to them and what we learn from them.  🎶The sun will come out tomorrow,🎶 even if “tomorrow” may take many years to come. 

So I didn’t get my miracle.

There were miracles though. I was there to see my two grandsons celebrate their first Christmases. I saw the beauty of a crisp, icy snowfall. I beheld the magic of excited Christmas morning discovery. My family and I got to our parties safely. I saw the birth of a very special baby still being celebrated thousands of years later. I witnessed selfless love all around, as people served me. (Just to name a few.)

Miracles abound if you have eyes to see them. 

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