Heal – 6/19/17

‘Heal” is a documentary involving doctors, professionals, and patients in which they tout the healing abilities of the mind. Attitude (I am sure) plays a huge part in completly healing any sickness in your body. There were so many stories of total healing, because their minds told them it was possible. 

We all have some sort of problem, and we can definitely recover. I believe this, and I would love to be in their sequel! It will be available to watch in it’s entirety in 2017! (Look for it!)

Please watch the trailer:

A Dog’s Purpose – 6/5/17

Whitney and I watched this new release movie, “A Dog’s Purpose,” a few days ago, and we decided it was hands-down one of the most excellent we’ve seen in a long time. The dog’s thoughts are voiced by Josh Gad, you know, Olaf from Frozen. They are real, and real life is funny. This is an excellent family film, no racy scenes. (There is sme kissing, but it’s pretty innocent.) It features a dog who is reincarnated multiple times, and lives very different lives. (If you’re watching with kids, you’ll have explain reincarnation.) He’s trying to discover his purpose in each existence, wants to please his master, and loves food. (But don’t all dogs?) As he goes from dog to dog he becomes an experienced old soul. I won’t ruin the ending, but it makes you go “Ahhhh. (A heart string tugger.)

I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I saw past that and allowed myself to enjoy the ride. Who knows? Animals might just be born again. They are so intuitive, maybe that how they get that characteristic. That’s one more question for my Heaven Question List. (Things I’ll ask about when I get through the pearly gates.)

Have you ever truly contemplated your purpose in life? I know we’re here to get a body and prove ourselves, but did we each arrive on earth with a certain purpose to fulfill? Was it parent, Olympian, teacher of children, influential doctor, astronaut, or inventor of something revolutionary? I guess the majority of us go through life not knowing exactly what our purpose is. It’s another entry for the Heaven Question List. All I can say is: Live right and bo your best. If you become a society influencer or a parent (it’s the same thing) and you demonstrated your best effort. That’s really the most significant. We might acknowledge what our lot in life is instantaneously, or we might always wonder. We might have made a difference without knowing the real impact we made in someone’s life. But in my heart I know it will all be resolved in the end.

And finally this movie made me ponder loyalty. Dogs do find their pack and become fiercely loyal. Are we that loyal to our pack? A pack could be family, a group of friends gathered together for multiple reasons, or a congregation. No matter what your pack is, are you loyal to the end? I know we tend to treat our family the worst, but why? Are we too close, relaxed or familiar? Why do siblings fight the hardest? I hope I have taught my children to associate, defend, and speak highly of one another out in the world. When you see this actually happen you know you raised them correctly. It’s an awesome feeling. (Mommy melts with pride!) Loyalty is proof positive of your true character. (Like a talking mirror on the wall.)

The final quote teaches us immensely: “Have fun, obviously. Whenever possible, find someone to save and save them. People weren’t meant to be lonely. Lick the ones you love. Don’t get all sad faced about what happened and scrunchy-faced about what could. Just be here now. Be. Here. Now. That’s a dog’s purpose.”

Twister – Movie Monday 5/22/17

This movie is 20 years old this month! It has always been a favorite of mine and the older kids. (Maybe because I made them watch it with me!) I guess it’s just my pension for disaster movies. AMC was stuck on it this week, and showed it many times. After I watched it (or part of it) three or four times, I started striking similarities to my life.

We always thought the idea of flying cows was funny. (Kind of sick humor, but humorous nonetheless!) I guess when you work with cows daily it is amazing to see them in that light! (It was the comic relief, I’m sure no cows were injured in the filming of this movie.)

This group of stormchasers possessed a goal. A crazy goal for certain, but that is judged by the judge. They wanted to send Dorothy, and it’s little probes, up in a tornado to study how it functions. It’s good to have goals. They keep you centered in your life. They enable you to work towards something. Goals give you direction and purpose. I’ve got big goals right now. I just want to get back home. (Pass go, collect 200 dollars!) I want to walk again, too. I’m sure my normal will not be normal now, but I’m working to get as close as I can! If you don’t have a goal, sit down immediately and write one down. It can’t be something that will automatically happen. You’ve got to choose something you must work to achieve. (Believe you can achieve!)

There is a shared feeling, between the movie and many of us, that bad things only happen to yourself. Whether it is a tornado or stroke or car problem, we all feel picked on by fate at times. We look through our little looking glass, and assume that our circumstance is the worst ever. (Poor pitiful me!) But take a panoramic look at the world around you. As you enter your warm protective home, or call a friend on your hand-held computing device, or peer into into your over-flowing closet, remember how blessed you are. (First world problems.) I know, personally, with all my current setbacks, I could have it worse! I am convinced ‘worse’ is in the eye of the beholder. Step outside yourself, shake off the pride and selfishness, and become aware of others.

We have people in our lives to lean on. I have learned, through my trials, we all have been blessed with a circle of family and friends that buoy us up when we’re down.

To me, the stroke was disastrous as a twister. We all have our disasters. They leave our world in shambles. What we do with that disaster is what changes it from a devastation to an opportunity for growth. (Like turning lemons into lemonade!)

Miracles From Heaven – Movie Monday 5/15/17

I just saw this movie again yesterday, and I cried like a baby! (Not hard to do!) A young girl gets unexplainably sick. Her mom takes her to Boston to see a special doctor with no appointment. She is very sick and wishes for death. So she goes home to die. On a lark she climbs a large dead tree and accidentally falls inside. While she is inside she sees heaven, but she is sent back and healed completely! She understood and said, ‘Not everyone’s going to believe, it’s OK, they’ll get there when they get there.” 

I can relate to this movie. Some days I think maybe I will be healed unexplicably, and just jump out of bed and get things done. But another day goes by, and I don’t. (I can’t deny I’m still hoping!) But I know it is for many reasons. We are being taught patience and faith, and if I am just healed in a snap we will not be taught those lessons. (I am not just going to fall down a well and my eyes will uncross!) The mother said, “I am here to tell you that you are NOT alone. Miracles are God’s way of telling you that you are not alone.” I know how wonderful service feels. Even though me and my family are the ones being served, we are the vehicle for your emotional high and abundant blessings from helping others. I would rather be the server, but I will get that chance again.

The mother says “When this happened, we just didn’t understand.” (Uh, yeah I totally know that feeling!) But she saw the miracles that happened in connection to their situation. “We can live as if everyday is a miracle… Miracles are goodness… from strangers… to dear friends… who are there for us no matter what… Miracles are God and God’s love. But we now live as if every day is a miracle before us.” I see the many miracles in my life. (I think that’s why I cry so much!) I am most thankful for my mind and soul so I can understand, see, and appreciate what wonderful things I possess and what will unfold before me. (I know there is a lot!)

Eddie the Eagle – Movie Monday 5/8/17

I absolutely loved this movie. At first glance the movie might evoke memories of other cliche underdog to champion movies, but it ended up being much more. We rented it at Redbox and almost watched constantly until it was due. Eddie possesses incredible amounts of heart. You can’t help but get emotionally involved. Many people are down on Eddie and his dreams, even the washed-up trainer is hard on him at first. I am lucky that way. I have a whole community of cheerleaders! I know the rehab road to walking and self-sufficiency will be a long one, but I have a wonderful support team to help me keep my head up. I have never heard, ‘you’re not good enough.’ (My family and friends are great optimistic motivators!) Eddie was awkward and untalented, but he demonstrated heart and determination. He kept trying.  I know I look pretty dorky with my limp arm, but I hope to have have as much self-trust and drive as he did. Dreams can come true. “A dream is a wish your heart makes… ” And add a dash of hard work!

Soul Surfer – Movie Monday 5/1/17

This movie inspires you to do anything! Soul Surfer is a true story of teenager Bethany Hamilton, and how she loses an arm in a shark attack. ”I don’t need easy, I just need possible,” she says. Bolstered by the love of her parents and refusing to give up, she plans to return to competition, although questions about her future are troubling. Upon seeing the devastation in Thailand caused by the 2004 tsunami, Bethany discovers her greater purpose: to make a difference in the lives of others. She says, “I have hugged more people with one arm than I did with two!” I love how she rebounds from an incredible change in her life. She finally makes lemonade from her (unfair) lemons. It is heartening to see her alight upon her purpose! I know I have a purpose, in addition to being a mom and grandma, someday. (Maybe that’s the one reason!) Writing this blog has been very therapeutic for me, and I hope it has benefited at least a few of my friends! I don’t quite know what my reason is for staying alive and dodging some terrible side affects. But I will keep living with integrity and kindness. Someday I will discover my true calling. (I will have an a-ha moment.) Until then, I will continue to rehabilitate for future days. “I don’t know why terrible things happen sometime, but I have to believe something good will come out of this.” (So true!)

Pay It Forward – Movie Monday 4/24/17

This pay it forward concept is ingenious. One gives without expecting anything in return, they serve another in proxy of what they received. In the movie, a young boy helps people and they return the favors to another person. But they must be large. This idea really can change the world for the better. It transcends selfishness and love of one’s self. It is just a stepping stone to world peace. (Thinking of others, what a concept!) I haven’t seen this movie in a while, but now I have been contemplating it, I would like to. (I need to have my kids find it for me.) The idea of showing our gratitude by helping a different person intrigues me. But what can I do to adaquetly serve another, to match how I have been served throughout my ordeal? What could I possibly do with as much weight? (That’s a cunundrum!) There will have to be more than three, that’s for sure. I have so much abounding gratitude for what has been done for me and my family in my absence. I feel the need to pass it on. I better get going (think, think, think,) and hatch a few plans. But I do know I will have help, I will be prompted by the Holy Ghost regarding what service and the recipient who needs it the most. It might not be easy or convenient, but I will listen and heed. I know we all have had stupendous acts done for us and/or my family, and we feel the yearnings to pay it back. But paying it forward is a more selfless alternative. (Although showing our gratitude to the giver is kindhearted and necessary.) Pay It Forward (the movie) is a breath of fresh air, no matter how it ends. (Sorry, spoiler alert!) It’s all about gratitude, however you can show it. Gratitude shows the true intents of your heart, and is the opposite of entitlement and selfishness. These are attributes we want to foster in us and our children. Show gratitude whenever and wherever you can. (Make the world a better place!)