Housework – 6/21/17

You might say, “Yep, she’s lost it.” But I would love to do all the housework right now. When I go home, it takes all I have not to get on the floor and clean. (I seriously have asked Darin to put me in my former front flower patch, I just want to pull those weeds so bad!) As I recovering perfectionist, I am inherently drawn to want things straight and clean and orderly. I have even been tempted to jump out of bed here where I’m staying, but then common sense kicks in and my brain tells me, “Ahhh you better not, that could end badly.” 

Today in Occupational Therapy, he put me to work. I stood at the sink, and washed some dishes. Memories of work gone by flooded my mind. It felt so good to do something I’ve done (and disliked) for so many years! Then I folded towels and used my right paralyzed hand to hold them still. To be useful is really fulfilling, I’ve been a drain on society for too long. (I’m glad I can still be good for something!) Be thankful you can do your housework. (You never thought you’d hear that!)

One Step At a Time – 6/14/17

​Hoopla erupted in the gym the other day! I was starting to lift my right foot off the ground, but the carpet was stopping it from going any farther. So they duct taped my toe to stop the resistance. (New fashion trend!) Darin was there and we did a bunch of standing, and I took a drink as I stood there. Then we walked. The first step I took, the therapist shouted. I got the weight off my foot and kicked it forward. For every step there was a shout. After a while everyone in gym was cheering! (Kind of embarrassing!) I think it was a mixture of my hip and knee. Darin took Collin’s phone, and started recording. When it was time to go back to my wheelchair I said, “No!” I’m not done yet! We walked about 10 more feet, then my time was up. It felt so good to be mobile again! (Even though I had help!)

Standing Alone – 6/7/17


​​​I have been doing marathon standing lately. (50+ times, see the video) Practice makes perfect, I stood on my own for the first time today! (!!!) And I can balance on my own! (Look, ma no hands!) Wow, this is the first time in ten months. It feels so good the stand straight up. It is amazing how many muscles you utilize to stand. Plus, I learned that standing is easier if you lean forward past your feet. I never analyzed it before! I just stood up without thinking about it! Now I have to think about technique. “When push comes to shove, you’ll know what you’re made of…”

I started thinking about standing symbolically. I believe we absolutely must stand for what we believe in. People here, where I’m staying, know I don’t drink coffee and I don’t smoke and I don’t swear. I stand for what I believe in by being an example of my morals. I try hard to be a nice person. I’m setting the example of a disciple of Christ. (We are a house set on a hill, don’t hide your light!)  If it is necessary that you ever have to make a stand, other than setting an example, I hope you shine with bravery and courage. Stand for what you believe in! Just stand!

Electrodes – 5/31/17

Remember that movie scene(s), there were a few, when the mad scientist hooks electrodes to the lucky recipient (or parts of recipient,) flips the switch, and yells, ‘It’s alive!” Well today the recipient was trying to come to life. (Part of me anyway.)

As you have probably guessed, that lucky recipient was yours truly. They hooked up electrodes to my right leg above the knee, and turned knob. (It wasn’t especially painful.) It felt like someone was giving me a really hard noogie! (Not what I’d describe as comfortable.) I was supposed to kick when I felt it shock my knee. The zap into the muscle coupled my use of the the muscle is meant to stimulate the muscle to fire more. What it did was make me tired. I stood up, with help, after that, and my legs were toast. I guess electrocution will do that to you! Like Frankstein, “It’s only sleeping, waiting for new life…”

Legs – Working Wednesday 5/24/17

“Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”  Bruce Lee

Leg lifts were difficult today! The therapist had me lift my legs and pull them back, with the brace on. (So?) Well the brace was made to support my knee from hyperextending, but in keeping with its function, it limits my knee extension. Therefore they usually take it off when I do leg lifts, but not today! I had to kick my mostly paralyzed leg, and pull it back slowly. The therapist said my muscle was engaging on the way back in addition to kicking. (That’s new!) 

“Alive and kickin’!”

Right Bicept – Working Wednesday 5/17/17

It is evident that I have part of my right bicep is back, the pushing part. But not the pulling part. (Explain that!) Maybe pulling is a different muscle. I have really given my girls a run for their money in our little arm wrestling matches. This aide was taking it easy on me. (I wouldn’t have challenged him when I was at my strongest!) He let me overtake him. But I’m working it out, so it’s getting stronger. Watch out Michelle! (My neighbor, Michelle, is an authentic arm wrestling champ!) “Push it, push it real good!”

Boxing – Working Wednesday 5/10/17

Aquaworks (where I rehab) uses boxing to help Parkinson’s patients, and they have experienced much success. They thought they would use me as a guinea pig. It’s slightly different with one arm, but good grief I experienced an exhausting workout! After we got the Rocky jokes out of the way, (Adrian!) I punched and pummeled those bags with all I had! He also used handheld mini bags that I punched as he moved them around. I even did combos like left, right, left, uppercut. I never saw myself as a boxer, but I can see how it can become addictive. Then I used the tennis balls on a bungee to bob and weave, as much as I could without falling out of my chair. (Please, not that!) No wonder boxers are in good shape, its a major workout. (Sing with me “Doot – doot, doot, doot… It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight…”)