Busy-ness – 6/16/17

My new word: Busy-ness, means a lot more than meets the eye. I spelled it like that so you would understand my inherent meaning. Filling your life with the same old: wake up, groan (since another day is here too quickly,) shower, rinse, repeat, eat breakfast (or skip it altogether,) yell at kids for not moving, work, work, work (at home or away,) lunch, work, dinner, haul kids to lessons or sports, chores, sleep. (Times that by three for mothers of toddlers!) Going through the motions, without a backward glance. Busy. ness. Without stopping to smell the roses, and whether they are roses or ranunculus (the only other R flower name I could find, I was trying to alliterate.) 

But anywho, I have learned, coming from one who is qualified to testify, slow down. Lift up your eyes from the grindstone, and look around. We tend to work so hard, we miss the really important stuff, because it’s not on the to-do list. (I used to be a member of the club!)

Make this day one of meaning. Marvel at that stunning sunset. Enjoy a green flourishing mountainside. Actually watch and enjoy your kid’s newest trick or listen to their never-ending story. Study that immaculate flower in your yard. Stop and truly savor that luscious chocolate bar. (Chocolate should be savored!) Appreciate the little things God has blessed you with. Count your blessings. (That’s all I have to say about that!)

Peace – 6/9/17

We all wish for peace in our lives. No worries, no cares, just a mind settled and content. Free of cares and fears, a snippet of heaven is what we yearn for.

Now back to reality… Its impossible to be completely carefree. (Like that innocent child.) We will continually have worries in the back of our minds. But there is a solution to escape the troubles of life. Your very own sanctuary awaits you.

I have found my sanctuary outside in little courtyard next to a trickling fountain surrounded by flowers. I retreat there everyday. I catch some rays or relax in the shade of a tree, breath in the fresh air and endeavor to escape. It is massively therapeutic! Sometimes I even drift into sleepland (once in the sun! Ouch!) I think a lot! I try incredibly hard to only think of the affirmative things and meditate positively. (I can worry later!) It can be very spiritual. I often pray.

“Let not your heart be troubled. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid. If ye love me, ye would rejoice.” John 14 (taken from throughout.) That’s my favorite passage.

Where is your peaceful sanctuary? Is it on your favorite chair curled up with a good book, in a bubbly warm bathtub, locked in your secluded closet, running on a country road, or snuggled in your bed? (No kids allowed!) If you don’t have a certain place to meditate and find peace, discover yours. It will be your calm in the storm of the day. Make a point to escape, to find respite and peace, and make sure to fill it with positive thoughts only. Don’t we all deserve that? Where do you find peace? (I’d like to know.)

Comedy in Life – 6/2/17

Sometimes in life, you just gotta laugh. If you don’t, all that’s left is crying. (Don’t you agree?) When your day throws you a curve ball, have a hilarious ball! Look on the bright side, and seek for the laugh. 

It might seem a bit juvenile, but look for a connection in the conversation to a movie, song, rhyme or even a joke. Whether you voice it or not (that’s your decision,) allow it to make you laugh. I am a natural smart alec, so I always tend to make the goofy comment. I am not afraid to crack the joke, even if I am the butt of that joke. (But spare other’s feelings. Making someone feel bad isn’t funny.) That has earned me the reputation around here as the ‘funny one.’ I don’t hesitate to make a humorous remark, no matter how incredibly stupid it might sound. (Puns are pretty phunny, too!)

As long as we keep it clean, (cuz really, dirty humor is the sign of a lazy and weak mind!) I’m all for it. I could be ‘Miss Doom & Gloom’ all the time, but I don’t want to exist full of sadness and self-pity. How boring would it be if we were serious on a constant basis? (Don’t get me wrong.) There are times to be serious. You need to know when to show respect and reverence. But what I am saying is, humor makes an interesting life at the right time, in the right place.

I’m sure a good belly laugh has some sort of healing power. Not only for your core, but psychologically as well. (So yuck it up.) And “turn that frown upside down!”

The Monotony Funk – Feelings Friday 5/26/17

Times present themselves when the same-old monotonous days of your life become extremely tedious. You’re looped in a continuous funk. Drearily you think, “I can’t take much more of this.” Wondering to yourself, “How will I survive?” Each humdrum day runs into the next. I am neck-deep into that feeling right now. 

Here at Sunshine Terrace Rest Home, they excel at keeping to a schedule. Meals at the same time, meds at the same time, everything at the same time! They do offer activities, but the framework is pretty simple, catering to the predominant population. I am so past that. Last time I attended, I ended up babysitting one of the residents. (Glad I could help!) My day is filled with TV, iPad, therapy, eating, and showering. Rinse and repeat. (Pun intended.) Darin does give me a jailbreak occasionally. We get in the car and purchase a Woot Woot or Dracula (my favorite drinks,) and wander for a drive, or do needed grocery shopping with those driving carts. (Not the greatest, but it’s got to be done.) I am getting out! (So that’s good.) 

But… the next morning it starts all over again. Do you ever feel this way? I know you do. It feels like an insane copy machine gone wild. (Or like you are in Groundhog Day, the movie.)

The question is: What is the solution? Well, a vacation is the obvious choice. But only a ‘lucky few’ can actually get away. If you’re one of the ‘lucky few,’ good-on-ya! (An Australia congratulation.)

The next answer would be celebrating with an upcoming party, holiday, or special event. (Birthday, Christmas, or celebrated occasion.) Exciting days that you can look towards, create a life less boring. 

But there is one more conclusion. Do something nice for someone else! It could be big or small. Look outside yourself. Serving can get your endorphins pumping (because it feels so good,) thus your emotional state improves. Making someone elses day better, makes your own day better. Thus, it breaks the monotony and lets you survive another day. You aren’t expected to make a big production. Shopping is my therapy. (Yay, Amazon Prime!) But shopping for others needs can be even more fun. (If you can afford it!) Although, kindness doesn’t have to cost a dime. Make it a goal to compliment a complete stranger daily. (Easy peasy and such a warm fuzzy!) 

Just do something nice today! (I guarantee it’s a boredom buster.)

Hope – Feelings Friday 5/19/17

When you say the word hope, you’ve got to add faith. (They are synonymous.) Hope entails that you have a positive attitude. One must wish positively for what they truly desire. That’s one of the joys in life. But as you look forward to something, you must enjoy the journey.

Like the seed that is planted, we hope for success. I have many hopes. I hope for the day when I walk. I hope I continue to heal. I hope my family is healthy and happy. I hope we can get enough money enabling us to do our remodel right. I hope the day is soon that I can return home. 

We all have hopes. They define us. It is true, what we think of most reveals our true nature. I hope, therefore I work towards my aspirations. Some hopes might be out of my hands, but I will do everything I can. A seed won’t grow unless you water and tend it. I also hope all who are reading this will have your dreams fulfilled! (Keep working towards them.)

Watch this video, it says it better than I do!

Blame – Feelings Friday 5/12/17

After my stroke, I could be bitter with life in general. I could be moping around feeling all depressed. I could shake one fist at the heavens, and say, “Why me?” But I know a pint can only hold a pint not a quart. Meaning we are only given what we can handle. (Wow, that’s heavy!) I could get really deep, but I must come to grips with the plain and simple fact that this is a obstacle I can handle. (I can’t say there aren’t hard days. When I become reminded of my life before, my emotions do get the best of me.) But I don’t blame anyone or anything. It’s not anyone’s fault. Life was not meant to be fair. There is not anything I could have done, maybe monitor my blood pressure, but I had no reason to do that. I guess the moral to this post is: Don’t blame anyone for your problems. Just find a way to make the best of them. Look on the bright side. Get your blood pressure checked as often as you can! (Easy, right? She says sarcastically.)

Anticipation – Feelings Friday 5/5/17

We all require something to look forward to. That’s what life consists of. We must have a string of exciting memory making spurts connected together the same muddle-through routine days like a curvy line. A neighbor of mine once said, “You always need tickets on the shelf.” He meant that its mandatory that some event be on the near horizon that you work towards or anxiously await. (We personally don’t travel much with milk cows and all.) But it can mean so much more. Is there a birthday, holiday, party, outing, or special event in your near future? Is there something you anticipate? This should be requisite for it is the necessary spice of life. For me, thats what keeps me functioning. (I need that promise of a future rush.) I kept lists in a journal. Lists for what to pack,what to bring, gift lists ,or what needs to be purchased for the event. “Live for another day!” If there aren’t any promising days in the near future, then throw a party (Celebrate National Cupcake Day or National Horse Day, there’s a day for everything!) And that day better yield some big enthusiasm to help you survive all the ho-hum days in between. We all exist for that anticipated memory-making event. We can’t be expected to sustain life with the same mundane yawn-inducing days for a very extended period. We can’t be expected to cope. It must be broken up with quivering anticipation to keep we simple creatures motivated. That’s the rationale to why we have holidays and vacations. (Well ‘I’ believe that’s the reason.) “Anticipation…it keeps me waiting.”