Love is Faith

Love Challenge – Love is Faith. 

Like that little seed. We plant that seed, and have faith and hope it will grow into something amazing. We must take that leap of faith. Believing that what we put our everything into will develop or is something unseen. Sometimes your faith in something will make it be. Those have love, also have faith that it will culminate with success. My husband Darin is the eternal optimist. That means he has faith and love for me. He has kept me going and looks on the bright side of everything. (Which is hard after you’ve had a stroke!) He has me in three hours of therapy a day, because he knows I’ll be whole again. (Phew!) Because he has faith in me, I have faith. His goal is total rehab in a year from the stroke date. It might be a little longer, but we hope for the best! “You gotta have faith-a,faith-a, faith…”

Love is Happy

Love Challenge – Love is Happy. 

Someone who serves and loves must do it freely and happily, not begrudgingly. (I had to google that word!) Like with home and visiting teaching, do we make friends and visit early in the month to make sure our neighbor is alright? Or do we go at end of the month just to fulfill a duty? (I am guilty. I am just a procrastinator.) But it truly shows the person how much you really care. Like when we get a prompting to serve someone, do we do it right away or put it low on our mental list and forget? (Guilty) We want to help one another, but at our own convenience.

There have been many happy acts of love to us. We are immensely thankful, even if it’s just a visit and a smile. Your show of love is enough.

Love Does Not Judge – Love is… #1

I am taking the 28 day love challenge this February. Because of all the love shown to me in the last 5 months after my stroke. I am sharing my outlooks. 

Love Challenge – Love does not judge. 

Some people show love despite who is it toward. True love and service does not judge you. There are some incredible people out there. When you become deeply in need they are indifferent to if your clothes are stylish, or if you drive a fancy car, or if you’re keeping up with the Jones. Genuine service is done with an attitude of love no matter who you happen to be. They travel many miles or sacrifice a day just to show their concern. They make countless meals for a family in need. (A working, single-ish dad can only cook so much.)  They actually listen to you and respond with unconditional acceptance. They manifest charity no matter the extent or sacrifice and show concern for those who have been dealt a crappy card. They pray for you. They are appreciated.

Love is Patient

Love Challenge – Love is patient. 

I have seriously learned patience during the long, slow recuperation from this stroke (except with wheelchair, I like to go fast. Get out of my way!) Everything takes time and it is not a speedy thing. There have been times I’ve had to wait and wait on my help and myself. (Try eating with your non-dominant hand!) My recovery is going to take time. Patience seems like a trait only the saints have. But patience can be acquired by anyone. It only takes understanding. You must understand the other person and what they are experiencing. Patience is not thinking of yourself. How you act and what you do while you’re waiting defines you. Do you huff and puff and growl under your breath while you wait? Or do you just do something else to kill time (multi-task) and show some simple understanding? (That’s what smart phones are for!) I know there may be times that your schedule is crunched, and your patience is pushed to the limit. This is the time you need to re-evaluate your habits, or perhaps wake up earlier. There are emergencies that are unforeseeable (last-minute projects or reset alarm clocks,) but usually those times that increase your blood pressure can be avoided with a little planning and preparation. Patience can additionally be shown to those in need through love with long suffering. Lending a helping hand is not usually a quick notion. Those who give me love and service are so incredibly patient. I appreciate it so much! 

Love is Integrity

Love Challenge – Love is Integrity. 

You know, doing what you unequivocally know is right. It’s my favorite Young Women’s value. What do you think the world would be like if everyone one loved and acted with integrity and good ethics? (Way different!) I hope my kids act with integrity at home and all around. I know they will, because I have awesome children! I was taught great integrity by my parents. Now it’s up to us to teach and live with integrity. We are an example. (Someone is always watching!) It takes more courage to do things just because they are easy. It doesn’t mean they’re right. Don’t make your choices because they might be fun, or more time saving, or much less trouble. Integrity is not convenient. But when you live with integrity it has a great consequence, no guilt! (That would be wonderful!) We make difficult choices that align with our internal values. We can stand out in the crowd as we break our comfort zone, and be the one who chooses the right. President Monson wisely told us, ‘Always choose the harder right over the easier wrong.” Acts of love and integrity are constantly shown to me and my family through abounding good works and service. “Choose the right way, and be happy…”

Love is Time

Love Challenge – Love is Time. 

Giving of your precious time is a wonderful act of love. When you give of your time, you are giving a priceless gift. Nowadays time is at a premium. Time is something that you can’t retrieve, (there is no rewind in life) so utilize it well. That makes me think of countless songs. (If I could save Time in a Bottle…) Why do you think there are so many songs about time? It is a theif in the night. We all want more. In this fast paced world, I sure do appreciate the people who have spent their time with me. Time to spend our minutes making a difference!

Love is Funny

Love Challenge – Love is Funny. 

‘Men are that they might have joy.” (2 Nephi 2:25) God even wants us to be happy, and He has the greatest love for you of all. If we don’t find humor everyday, what a sad existence. With a sense of humor we can turn any situation into a laughfest. I know there are times in your life that must be dealt with respect, however if it’s not inappropriate, let loose! A good laugh will lighten the load. (Even if it’s at your own expense!) I was doing Water Therapyone day, and they kept telling me to look up and stop looking at my feet. I did not listen, and one day I sneezed! My face hit the water. I was laughing so hard they had to hold me up, because I couldn’t even stand! I became the talk of the pool. (Joke, at my expense!) I found it funny, too. Humor can brighten ones day, as long as they are okay with it. Make fun with someone, not towards someone. If you love them you want to see them have joy. It only happens when you’re happy. Find a way to be happy, you won’t regret it. Many great people have made me laugh and brought me joy. ‘Laughter is the best medicine!”