The Beginning 

I am starting this blog at the request of my friends. I can’t write without a direction, so my daughter, Krystal, and I came up with this plan. Monday will be Movie Monday; Tasty Tidbit Tuesday; Working Wednesday (my progress); Thursday will (of course be) Throwback Thursday; Feeling Friday; and Saying Saturday; and I will rest (like we’re supposed to) on Sunday. This will officially start on Monday. I will post a link on Facebook (thats how I started) if I can figure it out! Enjoy conference! Love you all, thanks for the support! Kim

Cream – Tasty Tidbit Tuesday 4/4/17

Everything I love has this ingredient: cream.I might be a little biased (sorry can’t avoid it,) but having a dairy farm (even though I’m a silent partner and write a lot of checks) for 23 years makes me pro-milk products. My all-time favorite is New England Clam Chowder. When I went on a New England/Canada fall cruise with my mother in-law and sister in-law in 2014, I tried clam chowder at every port! Bar Harbor, Maine won. (If you wanted to know!) If it is not made with heavy cream, someone did something terribly wrong. The definition of comfort food in my dictionary is thick and creamy clam chowder. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! It isalways happy dance time when I see that they have clam chowder on the menu that day! 

My second close favorite is Chicken Fetticine Alfredo. The white sauce is divine. (And a little fattening, but butter and cream will do that.) Usually at a restaurant Darin can automatically order for me: clam chowder, chicken alfredo and a diet Dr. Pepper. I try to branch out, (so I take forever perusing the menu,) but 9/10 times I go back to the norm. Sorry, I like what I like. I tried to order this in Italy, but it is an Americanized dish. Olive Garden can say they are authentic all they want, and the other problem is they give you like three servings in one order! (Leftover time.) 

Cheesecake and Whipped Cream are heavenly cream concoctions. Turn either down and you are crazy (Nothing personal.) I usually have a little pie with my whipped cream. And cheesecake, you’ve got to be pretty full to pass that up. A fruit topping sets off the flavors just right. (Yum!)Gossners has it in a shelf stable box that I keep on hand for cream emergencies. 

Carmelcorn made with pops is the most “morish” (a made up word, but you totally know what I mean) treat in my book. My sister in-law makes it with Bugles sometimes. (Its not the Logan July 4th fireworks without her carmelcorn and Neil Diamond’s song “Coming to America.”) I always make carmel pops for Christmas at my house. Its a nice change from chocolates and candy canes, therefore it doesn’t last very long. (I can let loose, right?) 

Then theres ice cream! If you are a human being you love ice cream. (And many other species do, too.) What’s the main ingredient? (probably sugar) But I would bet on cream. Mint Chocolate Chip is pretty awesome. However being a fan of maraschino cherries, I’ve got to pick anything with cherries. Gossners makes a Chocolate Sundae flavor that is to die for! (Yeah, they make ice cream!) Their Huckleberry is very good, too. (Try it. It might contain Beckstead milk.) Man, I want ice cream pretty bad now. 

Yay cream! I would pick you first on my team. (I’m a poet and didn’t know it!)

Pot Roast – Tasty Tidbit Tuesday 4/11/17

Pot Roast, to me, is what Sunday tastes like. Sometimes the kids complain, but they always want it on Sunday for dinner. I know everyone makes pot roast, however I thought I’d share how we do it. You get one of those bags that you cook meat in. (This is usually done as you’re running out the door on Sunday morning.) We throw the frozen roast (beef or pork,) 2 lbs. mini carrots, a few sliced onions and your preference of small potatoes inside with a package of onion mix sprinkled all over. (Soup or dip, pretty much the same thing!) I buy the generic white package of onion soup mix that is cheap. You find it by the soups, it usually hidden. (Mushrooms or another vegetable would be good, but I have picky complainers at my house!) Take a steak knife and punch 3-4 holes in the plastic bag. It requires about 3 hours cooking at around 375 degrees. It depends on your stove. (I don’t usually wait for a pre-heat, since I’m running out the door. ) When it’s done cooking, tear the bag open, separate onto serving platters and cut the roast into pieces. You can mash the potatoes, if you must have them smooshed up. They can be served as is. If you mash them, you can add 2 cups cheese and garlic for a cheesy potato version, or (what my family loves) gravy to drown it all.The gravy is super easy, just put 4 cups water in a saucepan and 6 teaspoons bullion to match your meat. (You can add the drippings if you want, but you will need a bit more flour water and still use most of the bullion.) Stir the bullion water well, and bring to a boil. Fill ablender bottle with 2 cups water and about 1/2 cup of flour. Shake it once or twice, then open it carefully over the sink to let out the pressure. (I speak from experience. If you don’t do that, you and the whole kitchen will be covered with a paste!) Then shake the bottle until well mixed. Add the flour mixture to the bouillon water slowly while whisking vigorously. Turn the heat down to low while you whisk until thick. This gravy turns out different every time, so tweak it as you want. (This makes quite a bit, but in our house, you’d be fighting for it!) If you are lucky, the bag will come out clean, and you throw it away. Enjoy! I did this for my married daughters and anyone who needs an idea. They better take care of the leftovers, because that’s all I’m cooking today. Eat, drink your milk, and then have a Sunday nap!