Cookbook/ Photo Album/ Tribute

A year after Grandma’s death, everyone wanted some (or all) of her recipes, therefore shared all with everyone! Some recipe cards were pictured to remind us of her. Many historical family photos from every child’s family were included. Then there were recipes from family members that we all wanted. It became a large endeavor that included submissions from all and became a very uniting family project.

We used her favorite sayings and flower.
An old family recipe helps continue traditions.
Some recipes featured family pastimes.
Each child and grandchild who served a mission were featured. I tried to match their service location to the recipe.
Portraits of children and their families with favorite recipes from their home.
A recipe from each daughter’s mother or mother-in-law were matched with a wedding picture.
Great-grandkids we’re featured with corresponding family recipes.
Uniform recipe titles and headings along with the use of same fonts make it easier to read and find information faster.
Each single grandchild donated one recipe and their pictures were featured.
Family trip pictures portray camaraderie.
Children with their families throughout the years with their best recipes. A niece made these and donated a picture of a great grandson eating it!
Special event pictures with Grandma were a must!
Family photos don’t have to be formal.
Peach Day Queen with a peach recipe.
Child (and/or spouse) donated their family favorite recipes with pictures attached showcasing family from many eras and vacations.
Many recipes were used to add a family group picture! Cake-cake.
Each grandkid chose their favorite recipe of Grandma’s. Then we included pictures with Grandma and pictures of the child through the years.
Family trips were shared. Good times remembered.
Recipe from favorite childhood-adult restaurant and pictures from a dinner we had there together after her passing.
Each family was included and celebrated.
Every photo with grandma included! If they were namesakes that was included.
Everyone had a wedding photo featured with their mother or mother-in-law’s recipe with her name. Tying families together!
Random group photos work!
Obviously, a well used recipe shown with old photo.
One of the two each married grandchild donates has a current family picture.
Reunions pictures remind us of the good times.
A vintage photo with a vintage recipe.
His pet name for her with childhood pictures to the more recent ones.
Even spouses chose a favorite recipe. Then pictures with her were included.
Don’t forget the old family photos!
She had some non-food pages out of cookbooks. Great teaching moment.
This is a recipe copycat of a family favorite restaurant dish.
This grandchild just liked her breakfasts.
‘Every’ wedding photo is included.
His favorite childhood recipe that was probably never written down!
Cook/photo book was organized alphabetically.
A Category index was included to add search options.
Contributor index gave credits. A deceased son got in the book.
Everyone donated so many pictures. I made many collages at the end. Much effort was made so every child’s family is on every page.
The new babies are featured.
Good times remembered.
Historic photographs ensure everyone has a copy.
I made a search game with all the collage pages. Whitney is a grandchild.

Ends with a heartfelt dedication.

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