Superhero Weddings

I know sci-fi purists can pick these apart, but this is my universe. I am just having some fun, and exploring wedding announcement options. You might even find some “Easter eggs” inside!

Wanda’s dream wedding.
Luxury gold and copper leafed. Backside below.
Save the Date in business card size.
5×7 announcement with photo backside.
Happy ending after the blip.
I figure Steve Rogers changed his name when he went back to Peggy.
This is how it should’ve ended after GG2. I know they would have to keep their marriage secret, but this is my version. If they lived happily ever after on some garden planet Gamora would never have died and no “Snap.”
This is my version after Ultron if Hulk didn’t fly away.
I know they probably wouldn’t do a printed invitation in Atlantis, but in my universe they do. Maybe it is encased in plexiglass. This is a very official “Save the Date.”
In my universe, Steve found a way to ditch the plane before it exploded. They fought injustice happily ever after.
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