Beginning Again

At this time of year, my thoughts turn to the fresh new beginnings that come with Spring and Easter. Those age old bulbs in the ground are poking their heads out of a blanket of dirt, and revealing their inner colors as new baby sprouts. How they emerge and mature is up to them. The water and sunlight are available, they just have to stretch out and “Be all they can be.” (No pressure.)

I feel like that bulb. So much is at my disposal. God has given me so many abundant blessings, the air in my lungs and the nourishment to my body and the spirit in my soul. Even though on the outside my body might seem outwardly limited, I feel like I have a reset. (Like a good shake of the Etch-a-Sketch.) 

If there’s a will, there’s a way! 

My life seemed perfect before the stroke. I had a great job, new car, comfortable home, awesome kids, the definition of success. Right? But was I truly growing? God had different plans for me. I have grown in very different ways. I have learned very different lessons. I can start over, figuratively. I know I can do anything with enough faith and positivity.

We can all start over.

Whatever it is that is holding us back can be forgotten. Something that was done to us or something we’ve done – can all go away. Through Christ’s atonement, we have the opportunity to repent (or forgive) and start over like that buried little bulb. Whether it is a massive thing or seemingly small thing, this year can be the best. (The most bestest.)

This Spring, join me in a new beginning. It’s going to be wonderful!

Start Where You Are – Saying Saturday 5/13/17

Most races originate at the starting line. Pow! You begin! It’s usually at birth. My race had a 47 year warmup, and now I feel like it’s for real. All those years, all those experiences, six children, made me who I really am now. My brain ‘false started,’ and I have a restart. (Lucky me!) I’m living a very different life, or you could say: “Running a different race.”

Elder Dieter F. Uctdorf gave this (and many other) quotes to let people realize that their cloudy histories don’t matter, they can begin anew. They can make a fresh start. You, too, can start again, whenever you desire. What was in your past molds and shapes you, but it does not define you.  If you want to start eating cleaner, living closer to your conscience, or treating people nicer, it’s all entirely up to you. Step up to the line, tell yourself it’s going to be better, and start running with it. 

My fresh start includes being more grateful for my tender mercies and the beauty around me, living a more spiritual centered life, and worrying less about myself and more about my fellow man (or woman.) I have wonderful examples. 

Ready, set, go!