Thankful for my Life

I turned the big 4-9 the other day. I don’t feel that old! It’s my last year in the forties! With a birthday, an expecting daughter (any day now, she hopes!) and a mother-in-law teetering on the edge of this world (She will be missed, it’s so unbelievably sad!) I have been thinking a lot about this fragile thing called life. We are given such a short time on this earth to prove ourselves and enjoy the amazing beauty. To God, it’s just a moment, and yet I’m sure He is acutely aware of our every movement. He really does have the greatest concern for us and our unending happiness. We might be dragged through the refiner’s fire, to make us better, but contemplate the circumstances around your great and small trials. He always displays His love by sprinkling tender mercies on your hardship. Little bits of love are in there somewhere. 

I survived the unthinkable, but I can perceive the undeniable blessings and love I have been bestowed. 

How can I not be grateful? (I would have to be incredibly oblivious!) 

Many times our blessings are given through mortal angels (so many!) and sometimes the abundant blessings are heaven sent. When times are good we must take on the angel role, and sometimes we must be the receiver. (For someone to give, there must be a receiver.) We must really work hard to see our silver linings. (That’s the assignment this Thanksgiving.) We might think we are experiencing the worst trial ever, but the blessings are there. It is easy to observe them in hindsight. The challenge is to clearly see the blessings while we’re in the thick of them. (Don’t we wish it wasn’t so thick?)

I am personally truly grateful for my mortal angels and to my Heavely Father! (I am overflowing with gratitude!)

5 Ways to Be Miserable

Life is a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows. (Even a few upside downs!) We hope to be on the upward climb more than the down, but odds are, there will definitely be downs. (Either from our own stupid decisions, or through no fault of our own.) How we react to the difficult down times dictate whether we will be happy or sad throughout the ride. (Notice how some on the ride enjoy every minute, and some are freaked out the entire ride?) If you want to be miserable definitely do these things:

1. Show No Gratitude
Don’t appreciate anything. Take all your personal gifts and Heavenly blessings for granted. (You probably don’t even acknowledge the existence of most of them anyway.) Look around and see nothing but boring nature. Assume you are entitled to everything, (because you deserve things just for breathing.) Never write a quick note of thanks for kind actions or thoughtful gifts given to you. Don’t ever say ‘thank you’ or be sincerely touched. Act nonchalant about every wonderful thing you have received.

2. Hold Grudges

Plant your hardened feelings deep inside. (Let them grow!) Don’t let anything go, and don’t think of what circumstance the other person is coming from or their life situation. Let foolish words spoken in haste fester, and make all the memories that could have been created together non-existent due to harbored grudges. Make sure to let the big angry confrontation or even the little off-handed offensive comment consume your every thought. Use every opportunity to rehash the situation with outsiders, and be sure to act over dramatic. Definitely don’t say, “I’m sorry.” (It really doesn’t matter who’s at fault.)

3. Pass the Buck

Assume zero responsibility for your actions. Discover and execute a way for someone else to take the blame. (Surely don’t throw them under a ‘green’ bus, that would be bad! Simon & Garfunkel reference.) Never take ownership of your faults and mistakes. Adopt the Bart Simpson mantra, “I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can’t prove anything!” Also, don’t follow through with anything you are responsible for or promised to complete. You have better things to keep you occupied. (That show might not always be on Netflix.) If it’s more convenient, select the easy road. Make the simpler, enticing, or most fun choice even if the consequences may punish you in the end.

4. Think of Yourself

In all things, place yourself first. Do not ever consider the feelings of others. Selfishly make choices that only benefit you. Make a huge effort to impress others and improve your social standing. Do whatever it takes if it involves increasing your bank account. Pay no mind to other’s life struggles. Share a juicy story at every opportunity no matter the validity. (Start or perpetuate a grapevine rumor.) Jump to judgements without researching the back story. Be quick to take offense. Act holier than the Pope, and make sure everyone knows about it. Knock others down to increase your own esteem. Always respond with, “What’s in it for me” when asked to do a task or procrastinate until they go elsewhere.

5. Always Assume the Worst

Look on the dark side in every situation. Abandon hope and faith for gloom and doom. Things can only get worse. Don’t ever hope for the best, and don’t try because you can’t do any better. What you have is what will be, permantly. Tragic things happen to you all the time, and you probably deserve it. Life just hates you. Have a picked-on and bullied attitude. Bad luck must be your only luck. Stop trying, it’s not worth the effort. (Have some chocolate with that pained expression.)

This was incredibly difficult to write, because it goes against everything I believe. (Disclaimer: Don’t do these things!) It made me recall Stephanie in the tv show Full House. She always said, “How rude! 

I wanted to accentuate the worst actions of humankind to prove that we can be better. That rollercoaster symbolizes our wild ride and tests in this life. It’s easier to be our best when the ride is high. (Or is it?) But what about the low points? Can we ride out the lower dips, and not be a self-made Grinch? 

I have one word to conclude with: ATTITUDE. (Mic drop.)

Lucky Blessing #1 – Gratitude

I just loved sharing my thoughts every day in February. I decided to challenge myself in March. If you are sick of me just scroll on. This month is all about luck. But what is luck anyway but a blessing or as some say a tender mercy of our Heavenly Father. If we fall on hard times or bad luck the Lord just has a lesson(s) for us to learn. There are blessings hidden within that trial somewhere. So I challenge you to share or list a “Lucky Blessing” each day. 
#1- Lucky Blessings Come From Gratitude. 

If there’s no gratitude, that blessing or deed goes unnoticed. I guarantee if there’s no gratitude, the giver is saddened that includes Heavenly Father. But if we are sincerely grateful, the giver is happy and will want to give us more. But that shouldn’t be your only reason to give thanks. We need to sit down and truly list all of our blessings, I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised and even humbled at how good you have it! If you can’t sleep, listing them will surely do it, like counting sheep its never ending. (That makes me think of a song, hint: Bing Crosby.) There is too much intitlement in kids today. Teach them to give thanks often, it will enrich their lives. Appreciate all the blessings you have been given in this life. “Gratitude is an Attitude” (That was an excellent talk, look it up! By Elder Uchdorf) You need to live with gratitude in your heart, make it a way of life.