Be Still My Soul – Tunes Tuesday 5/23/17

This hymn speaks to me. In this time, when I have many quiet hours to think, “What if this, what if that?” It helps me remember to relax, take it easy, it will be fine. The first line: “Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side.” The Lord really is looking out for me! (and you!) He didn’t do this to me. He did this for me. (What? Are you crazy? Yeah a little.) The Lord handed us these afflictions to test us, to see what we are truly made of. Am a going to give up and curl into a ball on the floor? (Probably, if I got dropped.) No, I’m going to fight for what, I know, is worth the hardship and grief and a little elbow grease. (Whatever that means, I’m gonna work hard.) “Through thorny ways, lead to a joyful end.”

The part that really gets me: “…when change and tears have passed…” All my grief, all my sadness, all my disappointment will will soon be distant memories. This hymn was written as a funeral rendition to the Finnish national anthem tune, but l don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. So I will let it bring me peace. “Peace, not as the world giveth…” But peace through Him. Peace, I can have, in my soul. My favorite arrangement is by David Archuletta. He sings it with such heartfelt conviction. I know there is peace (to be had) if I just let it in. “Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake.”

Hope – Feelings Friday 5/19/17

When you say the word hope, you’ve got to add faith. (They are synonymous.) Hope entails that you have a positive attitude. One must wish positively for what they truly desire. That’s one of the joys in life. But as you look forward to something, you must enjoy the journey.

Like the seed that is planted, we hope for success. I have many hopes. I hope for the day when I walk. I hope I continue to heal. I hope my family is healthy and happy. I hope we can get enough money enabling us to do our remodel right. I hope the day is soon that I can return home. 

We all have hopes. They define us. It is true, what we think of most reveals our true nature. I hope, therefore I work towards my aspirations. Some hopes might be out of my hands, but I will do everything I can. A seed won’t grow unless you water and tend it. I also hope all who are reading this will have your dreams fulfilled! (Keep working towards them.)

Watch this video, it says it better than I do!

Love is Faith

Love Challenge – Love is Faith. 

Like that little seed. We plant that seed, and have faith and hope it will grow into something amazing. We must take that leap of faith. Believing that what we put our everything into will develop or is something unseen. Sometimes your faith in something will make it be. Those have love, also have faith that it will culminate with success. My husband Darin is the eternal optimist. That means he has faith and love for me. He has kept me going and looks on the bright side of everything. (Which is hard after you’ve had a stroke!) He has me in three hours of therapy a day, because he knows I’ll be whole again. (Phew!) Because he has faith in me, I have faith. His goal is total rehab in a year from the stroke date. It might be a little longer, but we hope for the best! “You gotta have faith-a,faith-a, faith…”