Love is Happy

Love Challenge – Love is Happy. 

Someone who serves and loves must do it freely and happily, not begrudgingly. (I had to google that word!) Like with home and visiting teaching, do we make friends and visit early in the month to make sure our neighbor is alright? Or do we go at end of the month just to fulfill a duty? (I am guilty. I am just a procrastinator.) But it truly shows the person how much you really care. Like when we get a prompting to serve someone, do we do it right away or put it low on our mental list and forget? (Guilty) We want to help one another, but at our own convenience.

There have been many happy acts of love to us. We are immensely thankful, even if it’s just a visit and a smile. Your show of love is enough.

Love Does Not Judge – Love is… #1

I am taking the 28 day love challenge this February. Because of all the love shown to me in the last 5 months after my stroke. I am sharing my outlooks. 

Love Challenge – Love does not judge. 

Some people show love despite who is it toward. True love and service does not judge you. There are some incredible people out there. When you become deeply in need they are indifferent to if your clothes are stylish, or if you drive a fancy car, or if you’re keeping up with the Jones. Genuine service is done with an attitude of love no matter who you happen to be. They travel many miles or sacrifice a day just to show their concern. They make countless meals for a family in need. (A working, single-ish dad can only cook so much.)  They actually listen to you and respond with unconditional acceptance. They manifest charity no matter the extent or sacrifice and show concern for those who have been dealt a crappy card. They pray for you. They are appreciated.

Love is Optmism

Love Challenge – Love is Optimism. 

Why not look on the bright side? Pessimists are much less happy. I have a sign by the back door that says “Attitude is your choice- pick a good one.” I even want a certain dairy farmer not let those cows ruin his day. If your day goes bad, don’t share your bad feelings with others. (My husband) As I lift weights that seem impossible, I must remember it may be hard I just need to look at it optimistically. I say to myself, ‘This too shall pass.” When the situation seems bad, find the humor and the positive side. Have a good laugh about what is happening, its better than crying! Doing a good turn for others (especially when we’ve had a hard day) can help make our own day better. Then we can “turn everyone’s frown upside down.” Those who serve, have love and optimism. They truly want to see the other happy. Spread joy, not sorrow or anger. When times get rough, look at it with rose colored glasses and soften your heart. You could have it worse.

Love is Good Works

Love Challenge  – Love is Good Works. 

Serving others is one of the best ways to emulate Christ. He loves us and knows our true potential to affect the lives of others. Even with my drawbacks, currently, I can find a way to make a difference. As I zoom around on my hot set of wheels, I see needs around me. I helped an old man pick up and replace his pillow then he grabbed my hand I sat with him for awhile. Another time I heard a lady crying, and I knew I couldn’t personally help her, so I went and told an aide. I can give a smile or sit and talk to lonely people. Now if I can do good works, you, out there in the real world can easily do good for your fellow man. The cool thing about it is, the Spirit will tell you in your heart what is needed. All you have to do is respond. Skip that TV show, and make a difference in someone’s life. You will bring love and happiness to someone downtrodden, and you feel awesome. Win win experience.