Standing Alone – 6/7/17


​​​I have been doing marathon standing lately. (50+ times, see the video) Practice makes perfect, I stood on my own for the first time today! (!!!) And I can balance on my own! (Look, ma no hands!) Wow, this is the first time in ten months. It feels so good the stand straight up. It is amazing how many muscles you utilize to stand. Plus, I learned that standing is easier if you lean forward past your feet. I never analyzed it before! I just stood up without thinking about it! Now I have to think about technique. “When push comes to shove, you’ll know what you’re made of…”

I started thinking about standing symbolically. I believe we absolutely must stand for what we believe in. People here, where I’m staying, know I don’t drink coffee and I don’t smoke and I don’t swear. I stand for what I believe in by being an example of my morals. I try hard to be a nice person. I’m setting the example of a disciple of Christ. (We are a house set on a hill, don’t hide your light!)  If it is necessary that you ever have to make a stand, other than setting an example, I hope you shine with bravery and courage. Stand for what you believe in! Just stand!

If You Don’t Stand…. – Saying Saturday 5/6/17

“If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” By Gordon B. Hinkley and Malcolm X. This picture brings to mind Dr. Suess’s story called The Sneetches. There were plain-belly sneetches and star-belly sneetches. The star-bellied made the plain-belied feel excluded. It ends up, all the sneetches spend all their money and time trying to be better than each other, and have the latest thing. (Sound familiar?) They were not rooted in anything so they fell for every new trend that came along. (If you haven’t read or seen it, do, there’s a good lesson within.) You and I need to decide now what our North star will be, so we have our moral compasses set strong. Did we build our figurative foundation on the rock or the sand? When the winds of change bluster and blow towards us, we won’t sway, because we have previously chosen what we will stand for. We will hold firm to the standards we have chosen to live by. Good idea? (I will not sink there in a boat, I will not sink there in a moat! Kim I am. Kim I am. They will not sink me Kim I am!”)