Boating – 6/15/17

Nothing says summer, like a day on the lake. Sitting back on a reclining chair, refreshing drink in hand, the sun’s blistering rays beating down on you, the kids recklessly splashing in the water, and the sound of the recreating boat in the background. I named the family boat “Holy Mackerel” since my husband says that quite often. (Glad I googled mackerel, not how I would’ve spelled it!) My work vacation days were chewed up a few hours at a time, as I would escape from work a few hours early to hit the lake. I didn’t enjoy driving the boat (too much stress,) but I made great ballast at the front of the boat. Since little kids weren’t that heavy. I’ve seen many fun-filled rounds with someone behind the boat on assorted apparatus. My times behind the boat were few and far between. (I enjoyed spectating more.) Usually, it was at the insistence of one of my children. (They just wanted to see mom get wet!) 

We all had our time on the boat, but I usually ended up on the beach watching kids play in the water while the big kids went to play. I preferred it that way. I worked on my tan and carried on a nice conversation with my sister or a child. There was always a spectacular view in front of me. An occasional, “look mom!” would interrupt us, but we didn’t mind. (Kids are crazy!) I always made sure there was food available for famished fun-seekers. The nacho cups, I would purchase in bulk, made great plate-like bowls for a snack or a sandwich. Water toys, towels, t-shirts, and sunscreen lived in my trunk all summer for everyone’s unexpected (expected) needs. Life was good. It will be good again. We will go out again on a regular basis. We are going to employ an assistive needs company to show my guys how to get me in the boat. I’ll wear a life jacket. It will be like it was, someday. We have just been interrupted by this bump in the road of life. “Good things are worth fighting for!”‘ Boating is a good family activity. It builds comaraderie.

Walkin’ on Sunshine – 5/30/17

I took Monday, Memorial Day, off from writing to give my family all my attention. I stayed at home Sunday night. We had a campfire under the stars, and many sunny walks. Oodles of fun were had. (I need a rest.) We spent exceptional quality time together. It was a wonderful long weekend!

The song I selected for the today is Walkin’ on Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves. (I think they were one hit wonders.) This song is a timeless classic. It makes me happy. I used to love to sing along. The bouncy rhythm and accelerated pace make it electrifying. The thought of even walking, but walking on sunshine is the personification of summer and feeling great. As summer and warmer days get into full swing, it’s time to cut loose. (And loose, I will cut!)  After being cooped up since August, I am anticpating (more than ever before) fun days, warm rays, and starry nights. Brighter days are awaiting me! “And don’t it feel good!”

Figurative Rain – Sayings Saturday 4/29/17

Wow, we’ve seen a lot of rain lately! But “April showers bring May flowers.” (I know thats no consolation for the constant showers.) I was drawn to this quote, since we are in the thick of it. (hopefully its  over) I want to compare this relentless rain to the constant trials in our lives. We all have them to one extent or the other. (I’m sure we each think our trial is the worst.) It just seems like we get through one, and then another descends upon us. Or you are enduring one, and others are added on top of each other like a big stack. We must acknowledge this is the reason we came to earth. (We signed up for this.) But what we are required to do is construct our lives upon the one true solid foundation, Christ. (The wise man…) He arrived on earth many centuries ago to teach us how to correctly live life. Then He gave that perfect life for us all. When those figurative torrents fall, winds of trouble blow, and rushing floods descent we are rock solid in our convictions and moral strength so we aren’t going to crumble when these hardships prevail against us. We have previously decided the way we will react. It will not be traumatizing when that storm falls on our lives. Currently, I’m dealing with a hurricane that isn’t going to subside anytime soon. But I know the waters will eventually conclude, and I can emerge into the promising, sunny day. Theres also the rule of opposites. We won’t appreciate the “sun shiny day” without multiple hard “cloudy days.” (Just think how delighted we’ll be to see a clear, blue sky!) “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…”

Enjoy the hard times, they are times in your short existence that you can’t get back!

Lucky Blessing #19 – Sun

Lucky Blessing Challenge #19- A Lucky Blessing is the Sun. 

The warm rays are so refreshing and enlivening. Yesterday was the best! I hope you took advantage of the day. It was a beautiful day for a wedding. (pictures coming soon) We even got so hot, we were seeking the shade! (Yay, its Spring!) The sun is a blessing that gives us nutrition and revitalization. One day last week I sat out in the sun, soaking up the vitamin D, and I actually got a sunburn! Don’t forget to appreciate the big gift we have in the bright sun. “Here comes the sun, do-do-do-do… it’s alright.”