That’s Enough – 6/17/17

Healing from any malady can be an arduous and difficult process. Healing from a stroke is (well) an eternal process. (At least it seems that way!) But I say the magic key is to work as much as you can every day. Laying in bed never did anyone any good. (At first I had no energy! So bed was where I had to be.) In the beginning after the stroke, the therapy people came in my room, and made me move. (I hated that, but it was for my benefit!)

In the past, I’ve laid in bed hoping to get better, but there comes a time when it’s imperative you rise up and get out of bed. You usually start feeling improved once the juices are flowing. When I had the trach removed, transferred to a new place, got a motorized chair, donned real clothes I began to improve. I started caring again. 

I admire David A. Bednar. He is a wise man, who is inspired to lead us through his words and example. His words of knowledge can improve our lives, if we just listen and act. Watch a few of his talks. You can’t help but be better for it.

Whatever your goal, work towards it a little each day. As long as you are going forward, no matter how insignificant you think those steps might be, you will attain your goal eventually! (Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!) I like the concept that as long as we strive towards that goal, we are doing enough, although it might seem so minuscule. (Turtle steps.)

Trying for the Better – Sayings Saturday 5/27/17

Rehab, from a stroke, is a slow, tiresome process. (To put it lightly!) We don’t talk about great strides, but improvements are made in miniscule bits at a time. Some people in the same situation as mine just lay in bed all day. They have no will. No drive. No change. I don’t know if I’ll ever walk or stand alone again, but (man) I’m gonna work towards it. 

Why am I such a dreamer? Attitude, hope, determination. (My wish for pain.) I know it won’t happen unless I knock, or give it my best shot. 

Nishan Panwar is a internet sensation who thinks on the bright, and shares it. He just wants to improve his readers day. His words are so true. 

I am working for a better life, not just wishing on a star. I know I am a crazy optimist. (But aren’t I in great company?)

Love is Enduring

Love Challenge – Love is Enduring. 

Like the Book of Mormon says, “Endure to the End.” No matter how difficult our road may be, we must push on. The path might look harsh and incredibly long, but we cannot succumb. So many who know, say healing from a stroke is like watching grass grow. (Slow process!) Any goal that’s important is going to take extended amounts of time, and heaps of internal fortitude. It has (and will be) a long road, but I appreciate those who have stayed on this ride with me to the end. That is love, you better believe it!