Walk It Out

I haven’t given up yet. I know I look drunk, but, no I wasn’t plastered. (Although I’ve been tempted!) 

Here’s a video of me walking with assistance after about 18 months! I did the entire 150 foot track, without sitting, in about five and a half minutes! I am a little more brave to lean to the left against the walker. With the use of my right hip I can get the right (mostly paralyzed) leg to advance. Standing up feels great! (Since I sit a lot!)

We might laugh too much, but it’s serious business! (Shooting for five minutes!)


Brace For It…

I’ve written about my brace previously. (New short video below.) It is like a cast you can apply and remove. (That’s why it’s blue, so they don’t think I’m the Mummy!) The guy wrapped my leg like a cast to make a mold. I wear this brace to keep my ankle from turning or spraining, and it stops my knee from hyper-extending. (It tends to do that!)

Lately, the calf on my bad leg has been getting larger. (My awesome muscles are expanding. “I’ll be back!” said in an Arnold voice.) The brace still fits, but it hurts when they put it on! I would scuff my toes on the pool floor, because they were hanging over the end of the brace! I told Darin I needed a water shoe in a bigger size to go over my brace. We traveled to Walmart to find a cheap one. (Just kidding, you don’t need to travel far.) In the summer, we should have an expansive choice. It’s the first of July, and the water shoes were pretty much non existent! (I guess they’re stocking school supplies now!) We discovered three pairs of men’s water shoes in a corner, and chose the smallest one at a men’s size 10. (Too bad they wouldn’t sell me one shoe!) 

Now my tootsies are safe, and I can walk (in water) with confidence! “These shoes were made for walkin’…”


One Step At a Time – 6/14/17

​Hoopla erupted in the gym the other day! I was starting to lift my right foot off the ground, but the carpet was stopping it from going any farther. So they duct taped my toe to stop the resistance. (New fashion trend!) Darin was there and we did a bunch of standing, and I took a drink as I stood there. 

Then we walked. The first step I took, the therapist shouted. I got the weight off my foot and kicked it forward. For every step there was a shout. After a while everyone in gym was cheering! (Kind of embarrassing!) I think it was a mixture of my hip and knee. Darin took Collin’s phone, and started recording. When it was time to go back to my wheelchair I said, “No!” I’m not done yet! We walked about 10 more feet, then my time was up. It felt so good to be mobile again! (Even though I had help!)